40 Glocc Seeks $4.5 Million In Lawsuit Against The Game

40 Glocc and The Game

Rapper 40 Glocc is reportedly suing the Game for $4.5 million over their altercation last July.

Both California rappers had a run-in last summer, when they crossed paths at a Hollywood Hills mansion pool party and got into a physical altercation outside. The entire fight was caught on film, which was leaked to the Internet by Game’s camp. While the footage only showed Game assaulting 40 (who did not fight back) by himself, 40 Glocc claims his rival’s entourage were pointing guns at him.

40 Glocc (real name: Lawrence White) sued Game (real name: Jayceon Taylor) last year, but did not specify what he was seeking in the suit.

Now, as reported by TMZ, the rapper filed new docs, in which he is seeking $4.54 million.

The report says 40 wants $500,000 for pain and suffering; $500,000 for emotional distress; $750,000 in lost earnings; $2 million for punitive damages; $25,000 in medical expenses; and various other things.

Stay tuned…

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  1. singers,producers,athletes,bankers,business owners,bosses $UE people all day everyday so why cant gangster rappers? fuck all that ignorant negroe street cred mentality bullshit! if you heard your favorite football player was suing the NFL you’d be happy as fuck

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