Despite backlash from Kanye West and A$AP Rocky over their rankings, Kendrick Lamar loves MTV’s “Hottest MC’s In The Game” list.

“It’s very important for hip-hop,” said the Compton rap star told “I love that they have debates like that. We need that. It’s competitive. Even though we doing these collaborations and stuff like that and we cool, at the same time, this is still rap. It’s still competitive and I’m trying to compete with everybody to be the best.”

With just two spots remaining, the Compton rapper is expected to land one of the top two positions.

Kendrick, however, also love when people challenge the position and comment it. Specifically, Ye’s issues with it.

“When people feel like they need to make they comments, I feel that’s needed,” he said. “You supposed to feel like you the best because if you don’t, you gonna get stepped on. It’s a jungle out there.”

Whether Kanye deserved a higher position, Kendrick says “definitely.”