Dilated Peoples

Legendary hip-hop outfit, the Dilated Peoples, have been away from the scene — as a group — for nearly seven years, as each member explored solo aspirations. Now, they’re back!!

The trio, consisting of Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu, announced this week that they’ve signed with Rhymesayers Entertainment and are prepping a new album, entitled.

During a recent performance, all three members hit the stage to reveal the news of their first new album since 2006’s 20/20.

“How many of you waiting for the next Dilated album?” asked Evidence, peeling back a Dilated banner to reveal another one that sported a Rhymesayers logo. “Directors of Photography on motherf***in’ Rhymesayers.”

The trio was previously signed to Capitol Records, where they released their last four LPs, before parting ways and pursing solo careers.

Details about Directors of Photography were unknown at press time.