Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane shocked fans early Monday morning (March 4), when he announced that in the summer he would officially change his rap moniker to… Guwop.

The change wasn’t exactly accepted by fans, garnering immediate resistance from his legion of Twitter followers, some offering confused response while others flat out refused to refer to the rapper by the new name.

“im not gonna call you Guwop dumbass. just so you know,” tweeted Princess Aflexis (@iStoleFreeHugs).

“i do not consent to this,” Lily Go Hard (@lilybenson) wrote.

“u trippen cuh,” added Pablo E$cobar (@itsKevinbro).

Gucci Mane was apparently tuning in for feedback, and after all the negative comments, he decided to change his mind.

“I am officially NOT changing my name to Guwop it will officially stay Gucci Mane due to my Fans’ response.. Trap House 3 & Juug House July 2,” Gucci said. “Ya’ll Hell … Lmfao.”