At just 18 years old, Joey Bada$$ has a lot going for him. Not only does he have a buzzing rap career, he’s also deep into fashion… and has landed the role of Creative Director at Ecko Unltd.

In a recent interview with FUSE, he shared the details of his new role, which he says he laded through his manager; and later, offers a brief tour of the company’s clothing facility, and showing off some upcoming gear.

“It’s more of a thing with me just taking what I like to rock and just seeing what appeals to the youth right now and freakin’ it on some next creative, different sh**,” Joey explained.

He said, however, he hasn’t had much contact with the brand’s founder, Marc Ecko.

“I don’t meet with Marc too often. We’ve talked briefly,” said Joey. “Marc is a very busy man. Marc is very focused. Whenever we have a talk it puts my mind on like a higher plateau. He inspires me a lot and I just do some next sh**.”