AVJ Records Presents: Crucifix’s Road To Chernobyl (Ep. 6)

By Staff  |  02/28/2013

Multilingual, Africa-raised rapper Crucifix has unleashed a brand new single, entitled "Chernobyl" ... but what's the story behind it and it's title?

In support of the single, the AVJ Records signee filmed a filmed a 7-episode documentary, dubbed "Road To Chernobyl", chronicling the journey leading to the song, which comes to fruition with a trip into the radioactive dead zone of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine (today a ghost town), where he actually filmed its music video.

BallerStatus.com has been premiering all seven clips of the series over the next several weeks, and this is #6. In the clip, dubbed "The Point Of No Return," Crucifix finally stands beneath the Ferris Wheel of Pripyat, but a careless brush with the radioactive ground turns a dream into a nightmare. Suddenly it's his own body setting off the Geiger Counter, and the crew finds themselves facing levels of radiation up to 2,500 times normal... With the music video shot they accomplish what they came for, but will the aftermath leave them forever poisoned by the power of Chernobyl?

The webisodes are the story of the journey to get to dangerous site, shoot the video, and return home. It takes him through 5 countries. Watch the clip, and keep it locked right here to follow the powerful series.

For more about Crucifix, visit his official website at CrucifixMusic.com, or follow him at @CrucifixMusic on Twitter and Facebook.com/CrucifixMusic.