Download: Fly Society – Popular Losers (Mixtape)

By Staff  |  02/26/2013

Fly Society - Popular Losers (Mixtape)

Pro skater/rapper Terry Kennedy gets together with his Fly Society crew for the release of a brand new mixtape for 2013: Popular Losers.

The project boasts 13 new songs, in which the four members rap about their "fly" lifestyle, from spending money and smoking weed, to handing with models and speeding in fancy cars. Get it at

1. "For The Moment"
2. "Bad Bitches and Weed"
3. "For Me"
4. "Super Models and Rich N****z"
5. "Throw Bands"
6. "All The Sh** They Owe Me"
7. "Money And The Fame"
8. "Window"
9. "Full Throttle"
10. "Thats All I Need"
11. "Meet Me At The W"
12. "Smoke Something"
13. "Night Is Young"