San Francisco 49ers Set To Trade Alex Smith: Report

Alex Smith

The San Francisco 49ers have reportedly mashed out details for a deal to trade quarterback Alex Smith to a new city.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported (via Twitter) that the Niners have sewed up negotiations with a willing trade partner. However, the interested team is still unknown… but’s Gregg Rosenthal says he’s heard the Kansas City Chiefs have a deal for Smith that is “all but done.”

If the deal is finalized, it can’t actually take place until the new league year begins on March 12.

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  1. I like Alex Smith. I hope that wherever he plays he will thrive and be successful. Colin k was too much for Alex. When he went down with that concussion, all Colin had to do was prove the skeptics wrong and it cost Alex Smith his starting job. Didnt help that the Bears sucked in that game either. Good luck.

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