Acropolis Releases Spring MMXIII ‘The Seven Seas’ Collection

By Jay Casteel  |  02/25/2013

Los Angeles-based streetwear brand, Acropolis, has finally rolled out their new Spring MMXIII collection, dubbed "The Seven Seas."

The season's titled originates from the Ancient Phoenician's knowledge of their oceanic world. "These were the seas that the world's first great mariners explored and charted, pushing the boundaries of the known world," says the brand. "Today, Acropolis calls to you as its modern armada; push your known territories to achieve and experience."

Spring continues of a slew of new graphic tees, custom pocket tees and tanks, as well as snapbacks and an all-over print 5 panel.

The Acropolis Spring MMXIII "The Seven Seas" Collection is available now. Visit