A Closer Look At Adidas’ New Energy Boost Running Shoe

Adidas Energy Boost running shoe - Unboxing

Adidas announced their latest running shoe innovation last Wednesday (February 13), in the form of their new Energy Boost sneaker.

This week, the brand sent us over a pair to test in advance of its February 27th release, so we offer a closer look at the upcoming sneaker, which blends technology with performance.

The exciting feature of the shoe is Adidas’ BOOST innovation, which is centered on its cushioning material. Based on a groundbreaking development process created by partner BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, solid granular material (TPU) is literally blown up and turned into thousands of small energy capsules, which make up the footwear’s distinctive midsole. With their unique cell structure, these capsules store and unleash energy more efficiently in every stride. Tests conducted by the adidas Innovation Team show that the highly durable material found only in Energy Boost products provides the highest energy return in the running industry.

Take a closer look at the gallery above. The Adidas Energy Boost shoe will retail for $150, and be available in Black/Neon Iron/Yellow, as well as Vivid Red/Neo Iron, colorways. Pre-orders are available at Adidas.com/Boost.

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