IVI Eyewear Presents The Process: Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlenses (Pt. 3)

By Staff  |  02/21/2013

Southern Cali-based premium eyewear brand, IVI, recently celebrated the release of their Spring 2013 collection with the launch of a five-part video series called THE PROCESS, which offers an in-depth look into its hand-made sunglass manufacturing process.

The series follows the design and manufacturing supply chain around the world to document each step from concept to final delivery of a finished product. This is part 3.

In the clip, viewers get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the process of making world famous Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlenses. Founded in 1846, CARL ZEISS is an international leader in the field of optics having contributed to technological progress all over the world. Based in Varese, Italy, the ZEISS SUNLENS division adheres to their own optical standards far exceeding those of the sunlens industry.

For more info, visit IVIvision.com/TheProcess.