Papoose Unveils Coverart For ‘The Nacirema Dream’, Writes Open Letter To Fans

Papoose - The Nacirema Dream - coverart

Back in 2006, then-buzzing rapper Papoose landed a massive deal with Jive Records worth a reported $1.5 million, and began work on his anticipated debut, The Nacirema Dream. Months turned into years, and the LP never saw the light of day.

Over six years later, the Brooklyn rapper is finally set to drop the album independently next month. So, he unveils its coverart… and a letter to his fans. In the open letter, Pap discusses his long road to this day, the “struggles, pain, blood, sweat, tears and joy” that are documented in the long delayed project, and of course, why it took so long.

“I been working on this album my entire life, those of you who followed me over the years know and have the material to prove it,” the rapper writes. “Countless chants of the words Nacierma Dream on the intros, outros, stage shows, and minds of myself and everybody on my team.

“As I grew up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, I kept record and jotted down the struggle, pain, blood, sweat, tears, and joy of myself, and all the others that I experienced and witnessed in this country. This album is a complete reflection of that story, when I made my introduction into the music business, I was blessed with a reaction from the audience that landed me a 1.5 million dollar deal, and the benefit of the people all over the globe hailing my album as the album that will change hip-hop and place New York back at the top.”

Read the letter in its entirety below:

Papoose - The  Nacirema Dream - Open Letter

The Nacirema Dream is slated to drop March 26th. Pre-order your copy over at

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