Download: Yukmouth – The Last Dragon (Mixtape)

By Staff  |  02/19/2013

Yukmouth - The Last Dragon (Mixtape)

Indie rap vet, Yukmouth, hits fans with a rare mixtape this week, entitled The Last Dragon, featuring himself alongside his Regime clique members. The free release boasts 19 tracks with guest appearances from Bay Area legend Dru Down, Tech N9ne, Monsta, Lee Majors, and Ampichino, among others. Get it at

1. "Intro"
2. "Last Dragon" ft. Lee Majors, Ampichino & Freeze
3. "Wow Really?" ft. Lee Majors & Dru Down
4. "Sandcastles" ft. Ampichino & Lee Majors
5. "Go Nutz" ft. Tech N9ne & Lee Majors
6. "Back In The Trap" ft. Lee Majors, Boss Tone, Monsta, T Lew, Kuzzo Fly, Rahmean & Dru Down
7. "Change" ft. Young Bossi, Ampichino, Freeze & Bg Bulletwound
8. "It's A Mob Campaign" ft. Dru Down, T Lew, Rahmean, Kuzzo Fly & Lee Majors
9. "Why Ask Why" ft. Lee Majors, Dru Down & Chop Black
10. "I'm On That" ft. Kuzzo Fly
11. "On Momz" ft. Lee Majors, Rahmean, T Lew & Dru Down
12. "Game of Death" ft. Chop Black, Lee Majors, Rahmean, Kuzzo Fly & Don Stryke
13. "Trill Talk" ft. Monsta
14. "I got work" ft. Lee Majors & Young Bossi
15. "Slumdog" ft. Lee Majors & Boss Tone
16. "Illa" ft. Slam, Tech N9ne & Freeze
17. "Mob Business" ft. Ampichino & Freeze
18. "I'm Wit The Sh** ft. Freeze
19. "Regime Life" ft. Pretty Black (R.I.P)