Azealia Banks: Harlem Shake (Remix) (Music Video)

By Staff  |  02/16/2013

Azealia Banks shows off her sexy moves in a visual for her viral cut, "Harlem Shake." In the clip, the Harlem newcomer rocks a tiny top and tight jeans, while shaking what her momma gave her to the rapid beat.

The remix stirred up some stuff with Baauer, who had her remix removed from SoundCloud. "@baauer why you cockblockin tho? Lmaoo,” tweeted Banks, to which the Brooklyn producer responded, "@AZEALIABANKS because it’s not your song lol."

Banks retorted, "you're a p****. You don't belong in hip hop ... you don't even know what a f***ing Harlem shake even is. ... if you don't want me to rap on ur sh** then don't put it out n****... For real. Sh** ain't safe. I'll piss on ur lawn."