Viriginia Police Chief Resigns After Being Accused Of Falsifying Chris Brown’s Community Service

By Staff  |  02/13/2013

Chris Brown

The Police Chief of the Richmond, Virginia Police Department has stepped down, after being accused of helping Chris Brown falsify community service records, resulting in the completion of his court-ordered sentence.

TMZ reports that Chief Bryan Norwood has removed himself from his post after the Los Angeles County District Attorney claimed, in a report, that he was involved in certifying Brown's community service hours in relation to the singer's Rihanna assault case.

The report shows that the hours, which Norwood personally oversaw, were never performed... and that he vouched for Brown anyway.

The Mayor of Richmond says his office reached a "mutual agreement" with the Chief regarding his resignation.

The judge in the Rihanna case now wants Brown to verify his hours.

Norwood will be replaced by former Assistant Chief of Police Ray J. Tarasovic, who will come out of retirement to fill the position.