Los Angeles Man Suing Lil Wayne For Alleged Skateboard Assault

Lil Wayne

A Los Angeles promoter plans to file a lawsuit against Lil Wayne, after one of his bodyguards reportedly assaulted him with a skateboard back in 2012.

According to a report from the L.A. Weekly, a man named Alfredo Marino spotted Lil Wayne on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles last year, and approached him for a photograph. Instead, he received a blow to the back of the head with a skateboard, resulting a hospital visit and a concussion.

Marino said he visited Fairfax in May 2012 to buy his daughter a t-shirt at Odd Future’s storefront. When he arrived, he was shocked when he saw Lil Wayne and his entourage skateboarding on the street outside. He would park, and go into the store, but after realizing the OFWGKTA store was closed, he returned to his car.

Admittedly “starstuck” by the Weezy sighting, he approached the rapper’s bodyguard’s to ask permission to take a photo. They would tell him no, but he decided he’d do so anyway. This is when things escalated.

“[The bodyguards] started tripping and saying, ‘I told you that Lil’ Wayne does not want to be bothered,'” Marino told the L.A. Weekly. “I told them I have taken pictures of tons of people and I just want to show my friends that I saw Lil Wayne. They started calling me a ‘groupie’ and I said, ‘I ain’t no groupie.’ ”

After exchanging words with, at least four bodyguards, Wayne himself stepped to Marino … also, calling him a groupie. “Lil Wayne had enough, I guess, and he rolled up on a skateboard and he said, ‘Alright motherf***er, you want to take a picture like a groupie? Like a little bitch? Like a little girl? Is that what you want?’

“I couldn’t believe he was telling me this,” he explained. “I actually started laughing. I didn’t take it seriously. I told him I just wanted a picture and that I’m a promoter. But he said, ‘I don’t want to hear that sh**. You’re nothing but a groupie bitch to me.'”

Suddenly, Marino was knocked out on the street, after taking a skateboard to the back of the head. After regaining consciousness, he was taken to nearby Cedars-Sinai, and was treated for vertigo and a concussion, which continued for weeks following the incident.

Marino is suing the hip-hop star for unspecified damages. Weezy’s camp has not commented.

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