Wiz Khalifa Talks About Movie With 50 Cent, Molly Craze & Kevin Durant (Video)

By Staff  |  02/08/2013

Wiz Khalifa recently sat down with Hardknock.TV and discussed everything from working with 50 Cent on a movie project, Molly and rising prominence in the hip-hop community, and much more.

The Pittsburgh rap star revealed that he and 50 met up during the filming for Chief Keef's video, "Hate Being Sober", and discussed working on a movie together like he did with Snoop Dogg for "Mac & Devin: Go to High School." Wiz said, presently, there are no concrete plans to begin production, but wants to take it seriously as a priority this year.

Later, he talks about the growing influence of Molly, aka MDMA, and its rising prominence in the hip-hop community. Wiz recently recorded an ode to the drug with Tyga called "Molly."

"You know what? I think it's passed the people who are actually using it. It's just money now. I would be crazy not to tap into that. I want some of that money, too," he said. "It's kids. They're partying and having fun. I would never tell you what not to do. I never been that dude. When I seen that it was growing and becoming more and more popular, at first I was one of the peoeple like, you need to chill with the Molly. I said that. But the more popular it grew and got bigger to me and my influence, so it's like you could get with it or get lost, and I do not want to get lost. So I brought the Mary aspect to it. I never talked about poppin' Molly, but I'll say some slang that people who do Molly, they f*** with it."

Wiz also talks about his relationship with Kevin Durant, and the possibility of working with Dr. Dre, and more.