Tattoo Artists Jun Cha, Jose Lopez & Lowrider Tattoo Completes London Pop-Up Studio (Photos)

Jun Cha, Lowrider Studios in London 2013

World renowned for his awe-inspiring black-and-gray tattoo work, LA-based tattooist Jun Cha and members of the Lowrider Tattoo family (lead by the legendary Jose Lopez), recently completed a successful pop-up studio campaign in London, one of many trips to the UK in recent years.

Cha and Lopez, accompanied by artists Noah Minuskin and Miguel Ochoa, booked back to back appointments, working diligently to amass and complete dozens of combined work. The camp sent over this photo wrap-up of their time spent there, which culminated in a slew of tattoo work.

Jun Cha, along with Jose Lopez, will be announcing upcoming pop-studios around the world including a 2013 run in Paris. For more info, visit, and

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