Download: Krondon – Everything’s Nothing (Mixtape / Album)

By Staff  |  02/08/2013

Krondon - Everything's Nothing (Mixtape / Album)

KRNDN, aka Krondon from Strong Arm Steady, has released a new solo effort in the form of a free album, entitled Everything's Nothing.

The project -- which marks a new chapter in the Los Angeles MC's career, away from his S.A.S. crew -- boasts 15 new songs with production from Cardo, DJ Khalil, 321, and DJ Dahi, among others. Get it here, for free.

1. "The Adventures of Dust Boy and The Inner Space Submarine"
2. "7 Eleven" ft. Tee Flii
3. "Lean On Me" ft. Kobe
4. "Magazine"
5. "I'm Moving" ft. Shafiq Husayn & Tekietha
6. "Il"
7. "For Ella Or Worse"
8. "Fools Rush In"
9. "ABetterBIH" ft. Brian Alexaner Morgan
10. "Cuban Link Gucci Rope" ft. Donyea G
11. "Goniguhgo"
12. "The Wells Of Roland" ft. Donyea G
13. "Sweet Leaf"
14. "En" ft. Kobe
15. "UntilNextTime" ft. Melody Angel