YG Planning Joint Mixtape With Nipsey Hussle This Summer

By Staff  |  02/07/2013

Fresh off the release of his latest mixtape, Just Re'd Up 2, Compton rapper YG is already had at work on future projects. In addition to his major label debut, he's working on a joint mixtape with... Nipsey Hussle.

In a recent interview with Power 106's L.A. Leakers, YG revealed the news, as well as its title.

"Me and Nip finna drop a tape in the summertime called Two Of America's Most Wanted," said the rapper. "Nip probably don't even know ... No, he know about the tape, but the title. Mustard came up with that. That was Mustard idea. He like 'Aye bro, ya'll should name that that.' I'm like 'Oh sick.' I got records for it. I got records with Dom on it already. Nip know what's up. You feel me? We finna do the tape and we going on tour together.”

As the interview continued, YG explained how the camaraderie he and his Los Angeles rap peer has aided both of their careers.

"It's money cause we both getting money. You feel me? But it's like I respect the [bro] and he respect me. He from where he from, I'm from where I'm from," said YG. "And we both on the same sh**. We both trying to get money. We both trying to do the same sh** ... It's like nigga's got like a little relationship, some homie sh**. I think it made sh** in the streets better because now it's like more of his side of people f*** with me, then my side f*** with him."

YG's Just Re'd Up 2 mixtape is out now. It boasts 28 tracks with guest features from the likes of Dom Kennedy, Jose Moses, TyDolla$sign, Wiz Khalifa, and Young Jeezy, among others.