Master P Explains Alleged Diss Track To Lil Wayne & Kanye West

By Staff  |  02/05/2013

Master P stirred up controversy recently, thanks to the first few bars of his latest cut, "Brick To A Million" featuring Fat Trel and Alley Boy.

On the song, he spits: "New n****s wearing dresses, f*** it / I ain't scared to address it / Gangsta n****s on skateboards / I'm at the house breaking motherf***ing headboards / Real n****s stand up."

Is it a diss to Lil Wayne and Kanye West? Not neccessarily, but if "the shoe fits, then wear it," the southern rap legend said during a recent interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles.

"I never made a diss record. Like I said, a lot of people, if you feel salty behind that, then I could say if the shoe fit well, I'm not afraid to address it," Master P said. "I just feel like in hip-hop, we've got to stick to whether we're going to be real or we not. Like I said, I'm just addressing what I see."

According to P, those specific bars were aimed at a radio station personality.

"To be honest with you, that particular song wasn't about nobody in hip-hop, but I think people taking it like that," he explained. "This was one of these guys that worked at the radio station and didn't believe in me and told me it was over for me. He ridin' up on a skateboard and got a little mini-skirt on. This a new dude into the business, and he telling me it's over for me."