Agenda Show With Bridget Blonde (Pt. 3): Deadline

By Buck Casteel  |  02/05/2013

In early January, the Agenda Show kicked off its 10th year with their stop in Long Beach, California. Fashion buyers, vendors, and media were all in attendence to check out the latest from streetwear and action sports brands.

We were there, checking out upcoming seasons, before model Bridget Blonde took over our cameras and we tagged along for the ride...

In the final part of our Agenda coverage, Bridget Blonde stops by the Deadline booth to catch up with Brand Manager/Rep Spoety, who shows off some of his favorite items. Later, she browses the booth of accessories company, Good Worth & Co., who tells us a little further about their history before showing off their best-sellers. And finally, New Era LA store manager, Melloe Won, talks to Bridget about his new Skee 24/7 radio show, White Label Radio.

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