Download: Lil B – Pink Flame (Mixtape)

By Staff  |  02/04/2013

Lil B - Pink Flame (Mixtape)

After flooding the market with over 15 mixtapes in 2012, Lil B The BasedGod took off a month (in January), and now, returns with his first mixtape of 2013: Pink Flame.

The new release boasts 26 tracks from the Berkeley, California rapper without a single guest appearance. "Collect this rare history," its description reads.

Pink Flame comes on the heels of a war of words between Lil B and New York up-and-comer Joey Bada$$. The pair trades diss tracks, including B's "I'm The Bada$$," which appears on the new tape. Get it at

1. "Pink Flame (INTRO)"
2. "Pink Flame"
3. "Eat"
4. "Thug"
5. "1000 Bitches"
6. "Bout Dat Life"
7. "Flex 36"
8. "Ban The Weapons"
9. "Squirt"
10. "Can't F*** My Bitch"
11. "F*** Me Remix"
12. "Go Under (Remix)"
13. "Hood Stories"
14. "Love N Hate"
15. "I'm The Bada$$"
16. "Los Angeles BasedGod"
17. "Twurk It Like Dat"
18. "Texas Thug"
19. "Up To Bat"
20. "My Ex Bitch"
21. "People Over Money"
22. "Never Going Back"
23. "Takeover"
24. "Based Cerebral"
25. "She's Ready"
26. "Thugs Pain"