Is Sony Set To Unveil The PlayStation 4?

By Jay Casteel  |  02/01/2013

Sony is gearing up for a big PlayStation announcement. But, what is it? They've already sent out invitations to various tech tastemakers, promising big news during a February 20 event, but right now, it's all speculation.

The Wall Street Journal, however, is saying they know... and it will be the unveiling of the PlayStation 4.

This news coincides with confirmations of a next-generation console from Microsoft -- with each platform looking to compete during the Holiday 2013 season.

"Rumors about what the console will actually look like so far include retaining an optical disc drive, said to be a concession made to ensuring that large-sized games are still convenient for customers to actually obtain and play, and a move from the Cell chip that powers the current PS3 to an AMD-based design, which might complicate things in terms of backwards compatibility with current games," writes popular tech blog,

Stay tuned...