Mac Miller Responds To Donald Trump’s Lawsuit Threats

By Staff  |  02/01/2013

Mac Miller

Donald Trump went after Mac Miller on Twitter this week, threatening to sue him over his 2011 mixtape track, titled "Donald Trump." Now, the rapper finally responds.

After a series of demands and insults from the business mogul, Miller took to Twitter Friday (February 1) to call a truce. "[I]'m not trying to put any negative energy into the world. @realdonaldtrump let's be friends," he wrote (@MacMiller).

Trump has yet to respond back.

The business/real estate powerhouse previously congratulated Miller on the success of the song, boasting of his involvement, even if it was just the title. This was 2011, when the video had 20 million views on Youtube. Today, it has 75 million.

For some reason, Trump took to Twitter to threaten the young rap star this week, saying he wants to be compensated. Why? We just found out that, a couple days before, posted an interview, in which Miller and Complex founder Marc Ecko expressed their true feelings about Trump, both calling him "a dick."