Lil B, Joey Bada$$ Exchange Words & Diss Tracks

By Staff  |  01/30/2013

Joey Bada$$ and Lil B

Bay Area versus Brooklyn. Lil B and NYC's Joey Bada$$ squared off online this week, exchanging lyrical jabs at one another after a tweet sparked a war of words.

Joey quoted a line from recently-deceased rapper Capital Steez's "Survival Tactics" on Twitter (@joeyBADASS_), in which he says: "They say hard work pays off / Well tell the Based God don't quit his day job."

Lil B took offense to the tweet, and they exchanged words on Twitter. Then, B followed up by releasing the diss track, entitled "I'm the Bada$$."

"If you really think you a bada$$, I'll turn you into trash, you little b*tch," the Berkeley rapper spits on the song.

Joey has since gone on to respond with his own diss record, entitled "Don't Quit Your Day Job." On it, he raps: "I got an issue with this little b*tch Shih Tzu / I'm a pit bull with lyrical missiles that won't miss you."

Who got off better? Tell us what you think?