Tony Yayo Says G-Unit Was Better ‘When We Didn’t Have Any Money’

By Staff  |  01/29/2013

Tony Yayo

Over the past year, 50 Cent has made it clear that his fellow G-Unit comrades, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, are on their own, citing their lack of work ethic as the issue. Yayo, however, feels another way about it.

In a recent interview with MTV, he said money has caused a rift between the longtime friends, and some days, he feels like leaving the music game alone.

"You know what's crazy? It's like when we didn't have any money, things were better," Yayo explained. "When everybody got money, it's like things just went downhill, so it's like, I dunno, egos.

"When we were broke, and we didn't have a pot to piss in, we were all callin' each other's phones and that's the thing that just upsets me the most, and it makes me just want to say, 'F*** rap,'" he continued. "Loyalty is my biggest thing. 50 helped all of us eat. We all had mansions; we all had Bentleys; so if Fif is in a bad mood or feels a certain way that day, you just eat that. You learn to judge your friends for who they are."

Though Fif recently shot down the idea of a reunion, Yayo viewed it more positively. "I would love to see a G-Unit reunion. I would love to see me, Banks and 50 definitely onstage."

G-Unit's last album was 2008's T.O.S.: Terminate on Sight. Since then, the trio seemed to have grown apart.

Last August, 50 told that he was tired to doing everything for Yayo and Banks, saying they need to learn to set of things themselves.

"I actually haven't spoke to 'em very much. I'm to fault for that, though. I think I disabled them," he said. "I did so much for them that they don't have a continuous work ethic. They got both of those tapes out there, but did you see any visuals? Anything? There's certain things that the new guy is doing to create momentum or energy. They just sit there and wait. When someone works for you, you have the habit of dealing with things by not dealing with them. You may get in the regimen of coming over and doing it for them."