Juelz Santana Sentenced To 2 Years Probation For Threatening His Neighbor

By Staff  |  01/27/2013

Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana was sentenced to two years probation this week for threatening his neighbor well over a year ago.

According to New Jersey publication, Cliff View Pilot, the rapper (real name: LaRon James) appeared before Superior Court Judge James Guida on Friday (January 25), and dodged a prison sentence by pleading guilty to a single third-degree count of threatening the neighbor as part of a plea deal.

Back in July 2011, his neighbor intervened when Santana was assaulting his girlfriend and phoned the police in Englewood, New Jersey.

Since then, the unnamed man claims that Santana has since "threatened me with death" and was going to "kill me," causing "problems in my marriage [and] my personal life." He also said he "had to move out of fear. I pay more rent now. I've been having problems with my wife."

Juelz was arrested for making terrorist threats weeks after the incident, back in November 2011.

He was allowed to keep his driver's license, so he could continue to work. "Probation would be a positive factor for the defendant," said Judge Guida, "and incarceration an excessive hardship."

That's not all the legal issues Juelz is facing. The rapper is also set to face weapons and drug possessions charges, stemming from a police raid on his "Santana's World" studios in Bergenfield, NJ two years ago, during which authorities found two loaded 9mm handguns, boxes of ammunitions, and 17 dime bags of marijuana.