Miami Rapper Jake Miller Inks Deal With eOne Music

Jake Miller

Miami rapper/singer, Jake Miller, inked a deal with eOne Music this week, announcing the news via a video (below) documenting the process.

Over the past two years, the young rapper has been building a buzz through the release of music online, self-produced music videos, and performances throughout Florida — opening for the likes of Snoop Dogg and Mac Miller.

His groundwork has helped him garner praise from MTV Buzzworthy, who is quoted as saying that he’s “about to blow up” follow the release of his Youtube videos such as “I’m Alright,” “Beast Mode,” “Like Me,” and “Whistle,” all of which have racked up more than a million views a piece.

“Jake Miller is the most exciting artist I’ve come across in many years. We are thrilled to have him at eOne,” said eOne President Alan Grunblatt.

“I’m so excited to join the eOne family.  Signing a record deal is something I’ve always dreamed of as a musician. I could not be happier to be at a label that is so enthusiastic to work with me,” Miller exclaimed.

“The signing of Jake Miller represents a new, exciting era for eOne.  We are thrilled to be welcoming Jake Miller into the eOne family,” said Chris Herche, Director of Digital Marketing, who brought Miller to eOne.

Now, with a new deal in place, Miller will continue building a buzz and release singles, before the release of his debut album, coming in the near future. Stay tuned…

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