Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Signs Actor Rick Gonzalez To Infamous Records

By Staff  |  01/24/2013

Rick Gonzalez

Actor Rick Gonzalez is known throughout Hollywood for his roles in films like Old School, War Of The Worlds, and Coach Carter, but he's looking to display another talent... in music.

Rick's hip-hop alter-ego, Realm Reality, has just signed to Prodigy's (Mobb Deep) Infamous Records. Both stopped by MTV News this week to make the announcement.

"At Infamous, I'm looking for artist that, #1 have their own movement goin', they got their thing goin' already," the Mobb Deep rap vet explained.

Apparently, Realm has been rapping spitting since 1998, since growing up as a kid in Brooklyn. In 2011, dropping a gritty mixtape, entitled The Invisible Man. But, unlike actor-turned-rappers such as Drake (who has an R&B flavor) andĀ Donald Glover (as Childish Gambino), he takes a grittier approach, spitting about his life before becoming an actor.

For Prodigy, it was a no-brainer. Rick is immersed in the world of Hollywood (a plus), and spits hard rhymes on the mic, something his boss loves. "You already know how I feel about lyrics," he said.

The first order of business for Realm Reality is an upcoming mixtape, entitled In The Grind We Trust.

Details about his first official album were unknown at press time.