Eddie Haung To Release ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Memoir

By Jay Casteel  |  01/23/2013

Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir

NYC chef/VICE personality, Eddie Haung, has been roaming the globe and trying out foods from all types of cultures, as part of his on-going video series, "Fresh Off The Boat."

In addition to documenting his travels, Eddie has also penned a memoir sharing the same title, Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir.

Amazon describes it as "Funny, raw, and moving, and told in an irrepressibly alive and original voice." It's an immigrant's story for the 21st century, telling his journey through life with food, family, and the forging of a new notion of what it means to be American.

Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir drops January 29th. Pre-order yours at Amazon.com.