After announcing that they will finally release their long awaited debut last week, we get more details about the upcoming project, entitled KILLMatic.

It’s been over a decade since the supergroup — comprised of Apathy, Celph Titled, Ryu, Esoteric, Blacastan and Motive — droppped their Godz Must Be Crazy EP, resulting in the collection being courted by a slew of major labels and would eventually result in Apathy inking a solo-deal with Atlantic Records. But, while signing to Atlantic as a solo artist may have seemed like a bad deal for group, Apathy readily assures it only strengthened the Demigodz’ relationship. “I know people would probably assume that’s wack, but Celph and I were completely fine with it. We’re like Redman and Method Man, or Ghost and Rae, we’re partners no matter what. Celph was worked into the contract and was happy, because he didn’t really wanna make that jump yet, but we do stuff regardless, so it was a perfect scenario.”

In the years following, the members of the group have emerged on their own.

Now the crew’s reaffirmation is complete, as Demigodz prep the March 5th release of KILLmatic.

“Demigodz is for true, hardcore hip-hop fans,” Apathy says. “This KILLmatic album was made to reflect that. We always try to keep it grimey, dirty, creepy, spooky and fuc*ed up. DJ Premier gave us an incredible classic. I’ve been in Demigodz since 1993 (20-years). If you could take a time machine back into the past, and show the 14-year old Apathy, what beats DJ Premier was gonna give me; I wouldn’t have believed it, I feel truly blessed.”

The project boasts 16 tracks with with features from Termanolog, Scoop Deville, Eternia, DJ Premier, and RA The Rugged Man, among others.

1. “Intro” (Giants On The Earth)” (produced by Apathy)
2. “Demigodz Is Back” (produced by Apathy)
3. “Dumb High” ft. Open Mic (produced by Apathy)
4. “Never Take Me Out” ft. Termanology (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
5. “Just Can’t Quit” ft. Scoop Deville (produced by Apathy)
6. “Worst Nightmare” (produced by DJ Premier)
7. “Can’t Fool Me” ft. Eternia (produced by Apathy)
8. “DGZ x NYGz” ft. Panchi of NYG’z & DJ Premier (produced by Chumzilla)
9. “Dead In The Middle” (produced by Apathy)
10. “The Gospel According To…” ft. Planetary of Outerspace (produced by Skammadix)
11. “Raiders Cap” (produced by Apathy)
12. “The Fallen Angels” (produced by Apathy)
13. “The Summer Of Sam” (produced by The Snowgoons)
14. “Tomax & Xamot” (produced by Will C.)
15. “Captain Caveman” ft. RA The Rugged Man (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
16. “Audi 5000” (produced by Marco Polo)