Agenda Show With Bridget Blonde (Pt. 2): Raen Optics, TLR & Co.

Bridget Blonde interviews Kevin from Raen Optics

The Agenda Show is going down in New York City this week, but earlier this month, they kicked off its 10th year with their stop in Long Beach, where fashion buyers, vendors, and media checked out the latest from streetwear and action sports brands.

We were there, checking out upcoming seasons, before model Bridget Blonde took over our cameras and we tagged along for the ride…

After catching up with Chris Brown and Brooklyn Projects, in part 2 of our Agenda coverage with Bridget Blonde, she stops by RAEN Optics’ booth, where Sales Mgr. Kevin Hackett offers a peek at their Spring, Summer, and Fall 2013 lines; and later, visits her Santa Barbara, California homies, TLR & Co., who shows off select, upcoming pieces, and their Winter 2012 collection, The Debranding Of America.

For more info on the brands here, visit, and

Look out for part 3 of our day with Bridget at Agenda soon. Follow her on Twitter @BridgetBlonde, and visit her brand at

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