Agenda Show With Bridget Blonde (Pt. 1): The Blonde Locks, Chris Brown

By Staff  |  01/16/2013

The Agenda Show kicked off its 10th year earlier this month with their Long Beach, California stop, where fashion buyers, vendors, and media check out the latest from streetwear and action sports brands. We were there, checking out upcoming seasons, before model Bridget Blonde took over our cameras and we tagged along for the ride...

In part 1 of our Agenda video coverage, she tells us a bit about what's going on with her own brand, The Blonde Locks, and its newest skate-team member Mary Jo Skates, and then, visits a couple of her friends around the trade show floor.

Bridget runs into Dominick DeLuca, owner of the Melrose-based brand/retail shop Brooklyn Projects, who talks to us about launching his first season of product, before friend/partner/popstar Chris Brown takes us to his booth to discuss his newly launched lifestyle brand, Black Pyramid. Both Dom and Chris show off upcoming pieces, and talk more about the future of their partnership.

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Look out for part 2 of our day with Bridget at Agenda soon. Follow her on Twitter @BridgetBlonde.