ESPN’s Stuart Scott Reveals That Cancer Has Returned

By Staff  |  01/15/2013

Stuart Scott

Longtime ESPN anchor, Stuart Scott, announced Monday evening (January 14) that his cancer has returned... and he's currently being treated.

"Blessed by prayers..I'm back in the Fight. C reared its head again. Chemo evry 2 wks but I'll still work, still work out..still #LIVESTRONG" he wrote (@StuartScott).

According to Touched By Cancer magazine, Scott was first fell ill in 2007 while at a Monday Night Football game. After an emergency appendectomy, he learned he had appendiceal cancer. After six months of chemo, Scott was cancer-free until early 2011. At that time, doctors discovered that malignant tumors had developed on his small intestine. More surgery and chemotherapy treated the cancer, but it has apparently returned again.

"Cancer sucks, and the effects of chemotherapy suck, and you're going to feel like crap sometimes," Scott said last year. "But you're going to feel like that whether you're lying in bed or going to work or working out, so you might as well go out there and live your life. If you believe you're not being touched by this, then it's much better."

Despite how bad this kind of news is, he remains upbeat, especially after receiving support (via Twitter) from the likes of Robert Griffin III and Jason Taylor.

"Thanks for prayers..ill fight w ALL C survivors & loved ones. Cancer wants to re-appear..picked the right guy cuz I HIT HARD all day long!!" Scott wrote. "Here's what I do right aftr chemo. Leave the infusion center & go STRAIGHT 2 either do a p90x wkout or train MMA..THATS how you #LIVESTRONG"