Adidas Announces Launch Of Derrick Rose Upcoming D Rose 3.5

By Jay Casteel  |  01/15/2013

Adidas officially announced Tuesday (January 15) the launch of the latest installment of NBA superstar Derrick Rose's signature sneaker, the D Rose 3.5.

The 3.5 follows the launch of the D Rose 3 last September, after previous versions dubbed the adiZero Rose. The forthcoming sneaker boasts improved performance, bolder style, and more personal details than its predecessor.

Adidas executive Jack Gray tells us the shoe giant worked closely with Derrick, as usual, for direction with the new design. He says, this time around as he gears up for his return, the theme was about "sharpening up."

"Talking to Derrick, when it comes to .5, the big thing for him was looking at it for a full year. So, we look at the full season of the NBA, and his mentality going into the second half of the season," Gray said. "The big thing we got from him was this idea of 'sharpening up.' It was really interesting, because there is a perspective of where he is right now, coming back during the back half of the season. He wants to sharpen up, wants this ability to go out and be aggressive. It's really an opportunity for him to really show that he's the MVP of the league, and still that personal player that everyone looks up to. We wanted to take that into the product."

As shown in the photos, the D Rose 3.5 put the NBA star's logo front and center in the middle of the ankle. Why? Because with Rose, his family is where everything begins.

"[With the addition of] the logo, we wanted to continue to ground that into the consumer's mind that it's more than just a logo. It's very personal to Derrick," Gray explains. "The '1' at the center stands for Brenda (his mother) and his number, of course, but then, the three pedals standing for his three brothers. The visual of what looks like a spiral or a web emanates from that, so again, it's this idea that everything starts with his family. So, if we're gonna talk about the detailing and performance, we wanted it to start with a personal place."

The D Rose 3.5 will initially launch in grey (home) and black/red (away) colorways on January 31. A number of other color options with follow in the coming months.

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