Director Allen Hughes Breaks Down Beef With Tupac, Being Jumped By Crips (Video)

By Staff  |  01/14/2013

Over the weekend, Swag delivered the full interview with director Allen Hughes (Menace II Society, Dead Presidents), in which he discusses his publicized fight with the late, great Tupac Shakur and where their fall out started.

He first explains the entire story of where things began changing, all starting with his role in Juice; to being fired from Menace II Society, and why; to their physical confrontation, breaking it down blow-by-blow.

Hughes claims he lifted Pac over his head and slammed him onto a truck, and would be jumped by 12-13 Rolling 40's crips the rapper was hanging with.

Despite the issues, he later acknowledged Tupac's immense talent, and said his death was a huge loss.

"The tragedy is he was just a rock star," Hughes said. "He was just that talented and more talented than we ever got to see. In fact the thing I tell people is most people don't know is he was dummying himself down for his rap verses. He was making it more simple Simon so people could understand it and connect to it. He was vastly more intelligent than his rhymes or his music. He was a voracious reader. He was a sweet, sweet kind man. He was multi-talented we know that. He had a humongous heart. And the thing with him, like a lot of young black males he had mad daddy issues. I got them that's why we connected. I feel like we lost someone bigger than Marilyn Monroe or James Dean."