Freeway Rick Ross Continues Legal Battle With Rapper Rick Ross Over Name

By Staff  |  01/11/2013

Freeway Ricky Ross

Despite getting both his original suit and appeal thrown out of court, Freeway Ricky Ross continues his legal battle with rapper Rick Ross over the right to his name.

According to the NY Post, the former drug kingpin is set to take the case back to court this August, claiming the rapper allegedly stole his name to create a rap career, based on his infamous background.

In addition to Rozay, top music executives, such as ex-Warner executive Lyor Cohen, current CEO Stephen Cooper and Warner director Edgar Bronfman Jr., have been subpoenaed for the trial.

In March 2012, Freeway Rick's case was thrown out on a "technicality," he claims. Then, in March, a judge ruled that Freeway must pay a portion of the Florida rapper's legal fees, equalling $500,000.

Despite the drawn out battle in court, he vowed to continue fighting. "It ain't over and it ain't never gonna be over until things get straight," he said. "I ain't gonna stop. I am going to keep going until I get my name back and whatever else I got coming."

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