Infamous Groupie Kat Stacks’ Deportation Halted, Freed From Immigration Lock-Up

By Staff  |  01/03/2013

Kat Stacks

Do you remember infamous super-groupie Kat Stacks? She's been in the custody for over two years, as the officials decided whether or not to deport her, but she caught a break. She is finally free.

Stacks (real name: Andrea Herrera) was given a deportation reprieve Wednesday (January 2), reports NBC Miami.

Immigration Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. ordered that Stacks be deported to her native Venezuela after she was arrested on felony charges, including carrying a concealed firearm. However, this week, he signed an order for her release from a Louisiana immigration facility following her appeal.

"Hello to FREEDOM!" she tweeted (@AdmireAndrea) Wednesday. "Hi everybody Im back !! I feel weird... still can't believe it's actually true .. 2 years caged like an animal"

For those who don't remember, Stacks rose to fame on the Internet as one of hip-hop's most notorious groupies. Sleeping with countless rappers and exposing them online.

When Immigration and Customs Enforcement initially detained her, the immigration court judge ruled she wasn't going to add anything to American society, and ordered that she be deported.

"Kat Stacks persona is disturbing and in no way a positive contribution to society," the judge ruled.

Her family and lawyer, however, argued that she was a victim of sex trafficking and created the Stacks persona to survive. The appeals board founded that "other compelling factors, particularly her long history of abuse, outweigh the negative factors." The board voted 2-1 to grant her appeal.

"And they have determined that as a matter of discretion, Andrea deserves a second chance," said Stacks' attorney, Mayra Jolie.

Stacks came to the U.S. when she was eight. She grew up in Aventura, and has a young son, who has been in the care of her mother while incarcerated. "She deserves it," her mother, Cardenas, said of her second chance. "She has her son here. She (has) been here most of her life."