Gesture-Control System By Leap Motion Is Almost Here

We first blogged about an upcoming technology called Leap Motion last May, where you no longer have to use a touch screen, but rather gestures in the air to control your PC. Remember Tom Cruise’s 2002 sci-fi thriller, Minority Report? Well, here’s that technology in real life.

Leap Motion is set to roll out soon, and designed for use with both Windows 8 and OS X, with support for smartphones and tablets to follow. They are currently available for pre-order for $70, and will ship sometime early this year.

Consisting of a simple rounded black box, the controller tracks in-air movement to within 1/100th of a millimeter by creating a 3D space of 8 cubic feet. This space in turn is recreated on the computer and tracks movement from not only hands, but also pens and other objects. The Leap will be bundled with ASUS computers including all-in-ones and laptops.

In this clip, Leap Motion CTO, David Holz, offers a demonstration and tells us more about the technology and what it expect … and it’s awesome. For more info, visit

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