Azealia Banks Gets Into Twitter Fight With Rap Peer Angel Haze

By Staff  |  01/03/2013

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks, once again, sees herself embroiled in a verbal spat with one of her female peers. This time, it's Detroit-bred femcee, Angel Haze.

Recently, the female rap peers sparred in a nasty back-n-forth, via their respective Twitter accounts, before eventually deleting the conversation.

Banks interpreted some of Haze's tweets as subliminal, before responding directly. "@angelhaze hahahaa.. i see ur TL... first off... NOBODY WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU," the Harlem rapper begun. "second off.... weren't you the same girl in your interviews + on twitter saying you want to eat my p**** and sh**... ??? third off.... you are not from new york. lol so whats the problem with me now? are you mad i rejected your sexual advances? Angel Haze has a crush on me. Thats it. Case Closed."

Haze quickly fired back, writing: "Begging me to come hang out with you and your fat friends? You still wear rocawear. U are null and Tf void, RATpunzel. @AZEALIABANKS. You don’t want this f***ing work. Bitch get those f*** ass paraplegic d***s out your twat and step the f*** on. @AZEALIABANKS."

She would co on, finishing off her tirade by writing, "And you don't want this to fade off twitter. So knock it offffff" and calling her a "charcoal skinned bitch."

It's unclear why both deleted their comments. Stay tuned...