Lil Scrappy, Soulja Boy Exchange Barbs Via Twitter

By Staff  |  01/02/2013

Soulja Boy and Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy and Soulja Boy got into a war of words via Twitter over the weekend, each threatening of a physical altercation.

Last year, news surfaced that Soulja Boy had began dating rapper Diamond, who was previously dating Scrappy. At the time, there didn't seem to be any friction between the two... but over a year later, the rap peers exchange insults over the situation.

It's still unclear what sparked the situation, but Soulja Boy taunted Scrappy with a series of tweets before they were eventually deleted.

"You aint gonna put ur paws on nobody. dont make me tell them about the time me and gucci was in the club and u got punked," the young rapper wrote (@SouljaBoy).

"Let's go to war. I f***ed your girlfriend and you a bitch," Soulja continued. "gangsters move in silence. f*** all that twitter poppin about another n****. lets do to war with these bags it take money to go to war n****"

Scrappy would respond shortly after, offering his insults and warning that Soulja Boy should expect him to "smack the sh**" out of him when they see each other in person.

"souljia bitch u got money but no heart I'm ready," he wrote (@RealLilScrappy). "This I knw u gay pussy nicca I knw u take pipe foo it's all round the A that u onna low an on top of that nicca Imma c u soon"

"B4 y'all say its bout a bitch it ain't its about how this sucka poppin I dnt play wit other folks kids Imma G an that's that sh** I dnt like," Scrappy continued, before concluding: "ill smack the sh** out this lil n**** !!"

Stay tuned...