40 Glocc Reportedly Assaults Game’s Manager

By Staff  |  01/02/2013

40 Glocc

The 40 Glocc and Game saga continues.

According to VladTV.com, 40 reportedly got into an altercation with the Compton rap star's friend/manager Taydoe (real name: Dontay Taydoe Kidd) while partying in Las Vegas days before New Year's Eve.

Details are still sketchy, but 40 Glocc tweeted about the incident, claiming he knocked him out while he was eating pizza with a girlfriend, before eventually deleting the comments.

"Had that n**** plankin... #OnMyMomma," the rapper wrote (@40Glocc). "Haha!!.. Caught that punk right b4 the new year came in!!.. 2013 IS MINE #OnMyMomma

"That niggaz a bitch... lol, woke up screaming and left his women running.. LOL! #ZooLife," 40 continued.

Taydoe and/or Game had not commented on the alleged altercation as of press time.

It comes on the heels of an on-going feud between Game and 40 Glocc, which came to a head over the summer when they got into a physical altercation at a July pool party in Los Angeles.

40 Glocc has since filed a lawsuit against Game, claiming assault and battery, as well as incorrigible damage to his reputation and image as a rapper.