40 Glocc Reportedly Assaults Game’s Manager

40 Glocc

The 40 Glocc and Game saga continues.

According to VladTV.com, 40 reportedly got into an altercation with the Compton rap star’s friend/manager Taydoe (real name: Dontay Taydoe Kidd) while partying in Las Vegas days before New Year’s Eve.

Details are still sketchy, but 40 Glocc tweeted about the incident, claiming he knocked him out while he was eating pizza with a girlfriend, before eventually deleting the comments.

“Had that n**** plankin… #OnMyMomma,” the rapper wrote (@40Glocc). “Haha!!.. Caught that punk right b4 the new year came in!!.. 2013 IS MINE #OnMyMomma

“That niggaz a bitch… lol, woke up screaming and left his women running.. LOL! #ZooLife,” 40 continued.

Taydoe and/or Game had not commented on the alleged altercation as of press time.

It comes on the heels of an on-going feud between Game and 40 Glocc, which came to a head over the summer when they got into a physical altercation at a July pool party in Los Angeles.

40 Glocc has since filed a lawsuit against Game, claiming assault and battery, as well as incorrigible damage to his reputation and image as a rapper.

  1. Dis nigga still gets no points. Unless taydoe said sumthin bout dis nigga, dis is a bitch move. If u catch homey wit his bitch give dat nigga a pass bt let em kno u caught him slippn. Bt u wanna act thug after pressin charges ol backwards ass nigga

  2. Lmbo Taydoe is like 5’4 lmbo 40 is a lame weirdo n dis BWS vs Zoo Lames will never cease. But 40 is 1 for 3 in his beef with them …first Menace got em then Game got em …yea he fasho to get packed out now …mark my words 40 gonna get fucked up behind dis….. Btw he always on midget niggaz bumpers WAYNE… PLIES N NOW TAY LOL HE IS PUSSY

  3. yea waayy shorter his weird ass only fuxx with the lil mfz… Plies… Wayne & now Taydoe doe smh he a mark plain n simple… he faught game n got smashed n embarassed n same wit Menace …man dude is a mark

  4. man please, a nigga tay doe’s size would beat the shit out tha game and 40 glocc. if i was tay doe size NO nigga would ever even try to fight me. matter a fact tay doe is taller and way swoller. if i was taydoes size wouldn’t no nigga say shit foul. look at his arms. that a 1 piece knock out…i give 40 his props. u got to. he took a couple L’s but this one is a “W”

  5. u right game is a mark. taydoe is a mark . menace is a mark. u must aint seen that footage of bout 20 BWS niggas Menace mainly, kickin it with 50 cent while he was solo dolo. game lied about the whole fight with 40 glocc. if u can’t look at the footage and tell that game was lying then u are a sheep. that BOY GAME HOPPED RIGHT IN A CAR AND LEFT AFTER THE 40 JUMPING. THEN THIS BITCH NIGGA game RECORDED HIMSELF RUNNING DOWN THE STREET WITH SUM fake blood on his shoes.like he was runnin from the scene of the crime. i lost all respect for game after that lie. keep believing them lies. get smart u dumb fuck.actually examine the footage its bout 3-4 videos by the same plant.u mean to tell me that 40 can get jumped by a gang of niggas at the sports arena but he scared to fight ONE nigga!? left with a SCRATCH!?. I weigh 135 and if i get jumped by 15 nigs in dallas, i would be dead. 40 had a scratch!? BWS is the weakest crew ever & i will tell em to there face. niggas in caliu so used to shootin that they can’t throw hands. they can’t fight. Chi, new orleans,,,all them places that shoot 1st cant fight. weak ass niggas. u find out when they go to jail that they aint shit but bitches

  6. You say that like 40 is a tall dude lol, and what about game beating on short dudes? Oh that’s cool cause he piru to right? This shit old but you got to keep it networth. Hope all these cats work it out and get bread together yell

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