Game Says 40 Glocc Ruined His Rap Career By Suing Him

Game and 40 Glocc’s fight over the summer has been a topic of discussion for some time now… and the Compton rapper addressed the situation again, recently, admitting that he was surprised 40 actually sued him.

During a recent chat with the Wall Street Journal, Game was asked about the summer altercation, which he explained step-by-step… before declaring that 40’s career is now ruined.ย Why? Because any rapper that sues can kiss their street credibility good bye… which is why he filmed their fight and released it to Youtube.

“It was a battle that was being fought on the foundation that he talked about my kids,” Game explained. “Number two, I don’t think that he was going to sue. That’s the thing with rappers. If you sue, your rap career is done because that disintegrates your street cred. So I thought, ‘This is one of the most street guys ever in hip-hop, right?’ Says his mouth and the Internet.

“So I didn’t think he would sue. Then one day, one of my boys called me and said somebody served papers at the house,” he continued. “I get my lawyers and we’ll go and all he probably wants is a couple grand or something, and my money is like, Nia Long, if you can understand that. We’ll take care of that. We’ll address it accordingly and we’ll get out of there.”

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