Skillz Drops ‘2012 Rap Up,’ Says It Will Be His Last

By Staff  |  12/26/2012


With 2012 coming to a close, Virginia-bred spitter Skillz blesses listeners with yet another year-end "Rap-Up," this one being his last.

From the explosion of Lin-Sanity, the birth of Blue Ivy, and tragic death of Whitney Houston, to the media hyping up bath salts, the rise of Instagram, and LeBron James' first NBA championship, Skillz has you covered... with the aptly leaked song, which will also be his last.

"I'm wrapping up these 'Rap Ups' ya'll, it"s been 10 years/ I'm gracefully gon' bow out, but still write them hits," he raps.

The "2012 Rap Up" will appear as a bonus cut on his upcoming album, Thoughts Become Things, coming soon.