Big B Readies ‘Fool’s Gold’ LP, Leaks First Song (‘Nothing To Prove’) For Free

Big B

Las Vegas rap/rock vet, Big B, has been busy as of late, putting the finishing touches on his first new album since 2011’s Music For Misfits… and it’s almost here.ย The upcoming LP, entitled Fool’s Gold, isn’t due until early 2013, but the rapper’s label, Suburban Noize, has offered up the first leak off the album as a Christmas present until it comes.

“I’ve been making records for so long, and we always think we have something good,” Big B explains of the upcoming project. “You have this vision of what the industry is and how its gonna to be, even friends and so many different things, it’s become so fake. It’s just the fool’s gold, it’s not real. The whole thing’s pretend. That’s where it comes from.

“People get caught up, thinking that it is. I just wanted to make a record that showed, ‘I get it.’ It may a million units sold, it may never been the biggest thing in the world, but it’s my fool’s gold,” he continued.

Without further adeui, the first offering off Fool’s Gold is called “Nothing To Prove,” where Big B throws up two middle fingers, because he does what he always says and… well, has nothing more to prove.

Listen to the track below, and download the MP3, for free, over at

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For more on Big B, visit his website or follow him @VegasHooligan.

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