Download: Iman Shumpert (aka 2wo 1ne) – Th3 #Post90s (Mixtape)

By Staff  |  12/21/2012

Iman Shumpert (aka 2wo 1ne) - Th3 #Post90s (Mixtape)

You may recognize 2wo 1ne and his high-top fade, because he plays for the New York Knicks... and goes, professionally, by his government: Iman Shumpert.

The second-year NBA player from Chicago is a youngster on the rise... who has a love for music as well, and gets things going with his debut mixtape, entitled Th3 #Post90s. Shumpert's debut effort boasts 22 songs with a few guests, including fellow Chicago emcee Ari Stylez, PhlyyB, and singer Chrisette Michele. Get it at

While his plans in music are unclear, on the intro track, he makes it clear that a championship ring is his focus and music is "a hobby for me."

1. "Introducing Royalty starring iMan Shumpert"
2. "Welcome"
3. "Post 90s" ft. Tiyonna Stewart & PhlyyB
4. "Cut Throat"
5. "Heights"
6. "Ridin' pt. I"
7. "Knockin'" ft. Ari Stylez
8. "Neccessity"
9. "Do You Love Me"
10. "Progress" ft. Ari Stylez & PhlyyB (Radio)
11. "#anarchy episode VII" ft. PhlyyB
12. "PAIN "
13. "I Made iT" ft. Trouble
14. "Th3 Connect"
15. "I Love Music"
16. "Perfect Woman" ft. Billionz
17. "The Chase.The Good.The Bad.The Next Move"
18. "Ridin' pt. II" ft. Trouble
19. "Supaphly" ft. Chrisette Michele
20. "The World" ft. Trouble
21. "Honorbale Thoughts"