Robert Griffin III Fined $10K For Wearing Adidas To News Conference

By Staff  |  12/20/2012

Robert Griffin III

Washington Redskins phenom Robert Griffin III has an endorsement deal with Adidas, so Nike isn't his favorite brand new wear... and that's gotten him in trouble with the NFL.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the 22-year-old rookie quarterback was fined $10,000 recently for wearing an Adidas tee and jacket to a news conference.

The NFL has a long-term deal in place with Nike, who is their official apparel and uniform provider, and requires its players to wear the brand during league-related events, or seek approval for other authorized clothing.

Earlier this year, Griffin caught a little heat when he altered his Nike warmup jersey by scrawling an "H" over the swoosh and writing "HEART." He wasn't fined then, but after his second offense, the NFL decided to fine him.