Odd Future Assaults Fan During San Antonio Show

By Staff  |  12/17/2012

Odd Future

The members of Odd Future are known for their wild stage shows. Hell, they've even been accused of assaulting photographers during them. Recently, they allegedly rocked a fan who dared to jump on the stage.

According to TMZ.com, 17-year-old Odd Future fan, Chassan Rasagi, filed a police report with the San Antonio PD recently, claiming the group beat him up during a show on December 8th at the White Rabbit.

Sources said Odd Future's Hodgy Beats pushed Rasagi back into the crowd and he was flung around the audience before being pushed back on stage. Then, that's when he claims he was attacked.

It was caught on video by another fan, who alleges that Rasagi jumped onto the stage and punched OF member Left Brian."That bitch got what was comin to him, the whole crew started beatin the sh** out of him and then security kicked him out."

The 17-year-old fan suffered lacerations on his head, scratches, and burns to his body during the attack, according suffered two seizures, reports TMZ. Rasagi now plans to sue the group.

Odd Future's camp had not commented as of press time.