AP.9 Insinuates Hook-Up With Coco, Says He’s Not Worried About Ice-T

By Staff  |  12/17/2012


Ice-T had some words for Coco last week, after photos appeared online of her snuggling close with rapper AP.9 while in Las Vegas... away from Ice. While the couple have since made up -- Coco said the pictures were harmless, but acknowledged that they were "in bad taste" -- we haven't heard from the other man ... until now.

TMZ cameras caught up with AP.9 recently, laughing off both worries of Ice-T retaliating, and hook-up stories with Coco being only "rumors." AP didn't deny it, calling "no comment."

"That's a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?" he asked with a grin, adding "No comment, man."

As far as being worried about Ice-T, AP.9 commented, "I'm from the hood ... I'm not worried about nothin'."